2014 Round Up

I’m pretty bad about updating this site, but here are a bunch of articles I’ve written for the KC Star over the last 6 months or so. Check them out before they get archived (and then you have to pay the newspaper to see them).

Look for my articles in the arts and entertainment section of the KC Star on Thursdays or Sundays.

William Lobdell at the Leopold Gallery. Paiting/Sculptures about Kansas City Landmarks and Trash.

Gilded Splinters by Academy Records at the Greenlease Gallery.  Installation about H.P. Lovecraft, 9-11, religion and conspiracies.

The Charlotte Street Award Show at the Nerman Museum. 3 artists work about decay, the past and documentation.

Michael Manning’s installation about technology at the Bill Brady Gallery. Further critiques of net and tech themed art.

Hung Liu’s “Summoning Ghosts” and “Tilling the Soil”. 2 great exhibitions about Chinese History and identity.

William Rainey and Lori Erikson at the Blue Gallery

“I am what I am doing” group exhibition at La Esquina.

Paul Cowan, Jeff Eaton, Sean Keenan and David Elliot at City Ice Arts in a particularly pretentious and terrible exhibition.

Judy Onofrio’s Cow Bone Sculptures

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Tyranny of Good Taste Review

Go read my review of “The Tyranny of Good Taste” currated by Danny Orrendorf. Bongs and Trash abound!


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Read about the Charlotte Street Foundation Awards

CSF announced this year’s winners. Check out my profile of activist and artist, Sean Starrowitz.


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Darcy Badiali, Marcie Gross and Miki Baird at Haw Contemporary

Check out my review of the exhibitions at Haw Contemporary.


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Jared Flaming’s “Parergon”

Here is another older review, from earlier in the year. Jared Flaming’s “Parergon” at the Leedy Volkous. Read the review at cupcakes in regalia.


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Brandon Juhasz’s “I Can’t Promise to Try”

Check out my review of Brandon Juhasz at PLUG Projects.


“A piece titled “Pyramid” appears to just be a photograph of a triangular paper pyramid with a peach tone, yet it’s covered with photographic images of nipples. An impossible object, the nipple-covered pyramid is like some horrific idealized fetish object, suited only for virtual reality. Yet is it any more or less “real” than a selfie? And certainly a naked paper man is less morbid than actually taking a metal cast off the face of a dead person”

Death Mask



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Skye Livingston’s “Citrus Paradisi”

Here is an review of Skye Livingston’s awesome exhibition which addresses ideas of genetics, skin and breeding through grapefruit skins.


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